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Frameless Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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Let us discuss about frameless glass doors for kitchen cabinets in this post with answers to some of your mind bothering questions like “how much do frameless glass kitchen cabinet doors cost” and a lot more.


What Is Frameless Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Frameless glass cabinet doors kitchen is a type of glass door specifically crafted to be more resistant and enduring to constant opening and closing pressure of a kitchen cabinet.

It is also transparent, unlike the common wood kitchen cabinet doors. Though, it also needs more care than the wood to serve you for a longer time.


How Do You Install Glass Cabinet Hinges?

Follow this simple step by step guide to install glass cabinet hinges for your frameless glass cabinet doors kitchen:

STEP 1: Pick the hook and put the smaller part inside the cabinet hinge hole (this should have been there by default or you bore it to size yourself (do this carefully though, to avoid damaging your cabinet parts).

STEP 2: Insert the long section of the glass cabinet hinges into the hook part you have already well fitted into the cabinet as mentioned in step 1 above

STEP 3: Check to ensure both are well fitted and tightened not to remove or slack off when fitting the glass doors.

STEP 4: Slide the glass gently through the hook fitted in step 2 above gently and carefully to avoid damaging it.




STEP 5: Put the paper-like flat plate in the glass hinge package between the cabinet glass door and the screw attached to the long hook from step 4. This will prevent direct contact of the screw to the glass that could lead to cracking or totally damaging part of the glass.

STEP 6: Screw up the glass door hinges firmly to the glass (each frameless glass kitchen cabinet doors hinges usually comes with two screws. So, ensure they are both well tightened but not also to tightened to damage the glass door).

STEP 7: Repeat above step 1 to step 6 for the second glass door hinges (depending on which one you fitted first – either the top or bottom hinges.


Can You Buy Glass Doors For Kitchen Cabinets?

Yeah, you can buy glass doors for your kitchen cabinets but you may need the help of a pro to help in the remake if your kitchen cabinet was originally made with wooden doors and not glass doors.

There are differences in the way the wood doors for kitchen cabinets are attached and gripped to your cabinet that you can not fit same with glass doors for kitchen cabinets.



For example, most wooden cabinets doors are nailed to the door hinges and you don’t want to try the same thing with a glass door. Instead, it requires to bore holes in the cabinet frame to hold your glass door hinges hook to it tightly when fitting it.

A pro would be able to help you fix that much faster and safer. So, it’s time to ditch your wood doors kitchen cabinets for frameless glass kitchen doors cabinet and revamp your kitchen in a grand style.




What Glass Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets?

Before you buy your next kitchen cabinet doors glass in part or the cabinet as a whole. You need to have some idea of the different types of glass used for kitchen cabinets to select the best that suits your personality and kitchen style. So, below are some of the best glass for kitchen cabinets out there (you can comment more to be added to this article below):



(1) Sumiglass Kitchen Cabinet Glass – You will like this if your desire for a frameless glass kitchen cabinet can not in any way sacrifice the interior display and design of the contents of your cabinets.

(2) Textured Kitchen Cabinet Glass – If keeping your cabinets content off from plain view is your thing even though its a glass cabinet, then this should be your preferred option for distorted view.

(3) Transparent Kitchen Cabinet Glass – You just love to easily spot where each of the contents of your cabinets is located without much hassle even if you have been away from home for a long vacation to remember everything easily


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